We are a professional Puerto Vallarta fishing charter that specializes
in Catching big Game fish!
www.fishingpuertovallarta.net  Big time Game fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with PV Charters  come fish with the pro's info@fishingpuertovallarta.net
The Striped Marlin is the smallest of the Puerto Vallarta Marlin species
but puts up a great fight and also puts on a great show jumping in the air
as You fight this amazing
Puerto Vallarta fish,  all of our boats and
captains are proud members of the World bill fish association, and all
support catch and release with all Puerto Vallarta Marlin but We fish so
many different styles and sometimes when fishing with live bait the
Marlins will put up such a fight swallow the hooks and die before they
reach the boat.
January Through April is the best
time of the season if you want to
target striped Marlin in Puerto
Vallarta. check out out
Vallarta fishing chart for more info on
all the
Puerto Vallarta game fish
seasons. Puerto Vallarta Sport
is amazing in all seasons
Some say that striped marlin season is bad because it is the season for
smaller fish and a striped Marlin is probable the largest
game fish You
can find but the truth is this is a great time of the year for
Vallarta fishing
You will hardly ever catch anything over 200 lbs but
everything is out there so you are guaranteed some good action
PV Charters is located in the Marina Vallarta to the right of the lighthouse on the boardwalk for more
info about Puerto Vallarta or click links below for more info
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