Sailing from 6:00 pm to 10:00 p.m.,
welcoming passengers at Puerto Vallarta's
main marina at 5:00 p.m.
The Marigalante always leaves on time and
swoop down to the deck, flying across the
breadth and length of the ship, coming out
from various points of the ship.  The Puerto
with a bang. Right off the bat Pirates  will
Vallarta pirates will kidnap all the women
passengers sailing with  to “encourage”
them to help set the sails, and submit them
to a rhythmic treatment that will prepare
them to enjoy the voyage to the fullest .
Once everyone is in the right mood, a fun-
filled “Spanish Lesson” contest will begin,

A welcome reception from 8:00 a.m. by two weird pirates at the Terminal Maritima (port).
Breakfast served from 8:00 a.m. composed of juice, coffee, fresh fruit, scrambled eggs with
chilaquiles and refried beans on the side
Weighing anchor maneuvers where the pirates are helped by the passengers on board
Fun-filled aerobics session based on help signals
“Pirate Torture” contest, using a make-believe “torture” rack and a pair of giant feet
After the pirate torture, a delightful acrobatic pirate show with Captain Sam unleashing his
vengeance against Captain Crispin
Safety and snorkeling instructions, handing over of life jackets and safety equipment
A two-hour visit to one of the Bay of Banderas’ best ecological reserves (Playa Majahuitas)
where passengers may snorkel. They will also be transported to the beach to enjoy banana boat
rides, kayaking, boogie boarding, volleyball tournaments, sand sculpture contests for the little
ones, and other special contests for the ladies, sack races, and loads of fun
Lunch aboard the Marigalante, with Bar-B-Q'd chicken and ribs, rice, salad, corn on the cob and
buttered bread
After lunch, a fun-filled contest called “Dr Pepper”
Open bar throughout the voyage, with recognized national brand drinks. Moreover, the winners
of each competition will be awarded spectacular prizes. Regular Price: $85 USD per person  
reserve online now and receive a 15% discount with PV Charters. 1-888-576-0329
Pirate land, Morning tour

This spectacular voyage is filled with
adventure and fun relives the heroic
feats of Captain Crispin the Terrible...
Wanting to steal Captain Sam's gold,
his galleon and his sister, he finds
himself facing problems worse than he
had every imagined. These cause him
to wage a funny and entertaining battle
that will make you laugh to tears. The
adventure that begins at 9 a.m. and
ends at 3:30 p.m. from Monday to
Saturday, includes the following during
the trip:
brochette of shrimp  garden rice, Greek salad,  red and white wine, dinner, music ,and a light
show await the passengers so that they may enjoy their cruise while Captain Crispin continues
with his shenanigans.
Our main feature starts as the darkness falls upon Puerto Vallarta's banderas bay: thats when
thats when the action really begins as your captain will wage battle against all  the townspeople
of Puerto Vallarta, who will have canons placed on the Malecon and repel the furious captain’s
attack with the help of Captain Sam, who will board the ship in full sail and vanquish the daring
invader. then comes the grand finally as fire works shower the deck the fiesta really begins!
the  night pirate show is Monday through Sunday meetin place is the main marina in Puerto
Regular Price: $85 US per person our price $70 US per person  
reserve online now  with PV
. price $70 US per person! or give us a call tollfree 1-888-576-0329
PV Charters is located in the Marina Vallartato the left of the lighthouse for more info about Puerto
Vallarta give us a call toll free at
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