Puerto Vallarta Yellow fin tuna fishing season starts in May and ends in February but you can normally find
them all year around if your willing to do a overnight charter.  If you're serious about catching Big Puerto
Vallarta Yellowfins, You'll need to head out well offshore to catch yellow fin tuna over 150 lbs you either go to
the Bank ,  la Corbetena, or islas marias,  La Corbetena  is a reef 36 miles out yellow fin tuna averaging
150-250+ lbs  and the bank is 50 miles. averaging 200-350+ lbs Yellowfins are fierce fighters; even small
yellowfins can put a strain on your gear. Because they're one of the primary targets of charter boats, if you
elect to go the charter boat route the captain and crew will almost certainly have the proper gear available to
loan you. If you're going out on a private boat and need your own, you'll have to equip yourself with a
50-pound class, two-speed trolling reel (such as a Shimano TLD 30 II or TLD 50 II LRS), a broomstick-thick
rod, and line in the 25-50 pound test range at least. the Puerto Vallarta yellow fin tuna usually feed messily at
the surface in large schools You will always find Tunas by schools of dolphins so if you see a whole bunch of
dolphin jumping the  Puerto Vallarta cow's are close by for professional tournament equipped boats with
profesional captains that know how to boat these monsters
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