Puerto Vallarta fishing info by PV charters
Puerto Vallarta  fishing  grounds consist of 5 main
spots, el morro, la corbetena, punte de mita, El
Banco, adn all the way out Islas marias  
Vallarta fishing is well known for it's huge black
marlins and yellow fin tuna! when you are fishing for
monster's in
Puerto Vallarta Mexico you have to get
outside to La Corbetena a huge reef located 36 miles
out from the marina Vallarta stocked with 200-300 lb
yellow fin tuna, 300-800 black marlins, 30-80 lb
mahi mahi, wahoo, and sailfish! The bank or el banco
is 50 miles out where all those record braking fish are
feeding at find yellow fin tuna averaging 200-360 lbs
black marlins, 1,000lbs+ and huge mahi mahi and
sailfish! if you fish further inside there is a great reef
named el morro 22 miles out from the marina and is
well known for
mahi mahi, sailfish 20-40 lb yellow fin
tuna, Jack crevalle, roosterfish and red snapper. also
right off the point of Punta de Mita target mahi mahi,
red snapper, sailfish, needlefish, and roosterfish.
when you fish inside the bay you you will boat  mahi
mahi, Jack Crevalle, needle fish, red snapper,  for
more info about Puerto Vallarta fishing please
us with any questions.
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in Catching big Game fish!
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