On this spectacular eco-adventure tour you will
experience what can only be described as a
pulse-stopping view of one of the most beautiful and
complex biological communities on earth. Feel the
rush of adrenalin pump through your veins as you
whoosh from platform to platform, 90 ft (30 meters)
above the forest floor! A series of thrilling zip lines
gives you the maximum opportunity to marvel at the
stunning, tropical setting as you effortlessly traverse
through the huge tropical trees, amongst wild
orchids and a diversity of native birds and reptiles. At Vallarta Adventures, safety is the top
priority. All of our guides have been extensively trained and we insist on having only the
best equipment with not one, but two safety ropes for your added security. Participants are
under the constant care and supervision of highly qualified personal who have received
over 200 hours of formal training in Canopy Tour operations and safety techniques, and
we use only top-quality equipment that is regularly and rigorously inspected and
maintained. Our knowledgeable guides will assist you every step of the way - from the time
you leave the ground, until you rappel back down to the forest floor