Our Puerto Vallarta fishing chart is based on years of Puerto Vallarta fishing
experience. If you have any questions about targeting a certain species and need
more info please contact us or click  of fish below to see live photos and more info
on all  Puerto Vallarta fish species. every year is a little different depending on the
currents and the weather that is fishing but We think are Puerto Vallarta fishing chart
is as close as You can get to perfection but like I said every  year is different so if you
are planning a quick Puerto Vallarta  Sport fishing trip and would like to know what
we are catching right now feel free to  send us an
email give us a call toll free
1-888-576-0329 and We will give you a fresh Puerto Vallarta fishing report.
sail fish
yellow fin tuna
dorado/ mahi mahi/ dolphin
Puerto Vallarta
Game fish
sail fish
Red snapper
striped marlin
dorado/ mahi mahi/ dolphin
yellow fin tuna
rooster fish
We are a professional Puerto Vallarta fishing charter that specializes
in Catching big Game fish!
www.fishingpuertovallarta.net  Big time Game fishing in Puerto Vallarta Mexico with PV Charters  come fish with the pro's info@fishingpuertovallarta.net
PV Charters is located in the Marina Vallarta to the right of the lighthouse for more info about Puerto Vallarta please
email us at
info@fishingpuertovallarta.net or give us a call toll free at 1-888-576-0329 or click links below for more
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